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Friday, November 2, 2007

Dorothy Jaeckle

Dorothy Jaeckle is the Republican nominee for the Bermuda District chair on the Board of Supervisors after an impressive and somewhat shocking victory in the Republican Primary. Dorothy fought hard in that Primary to send a message that she is to be taken seriously and vision, thus far, has resonated loud and clear with the voters of Bermuda. Dorothy has her community service to thank for much of her support and proves that deeds can be the catalyst for the opportunities that even the doers cannot always foresee. Dorothy has served 12 years on the Future committee, was the School Board liaison, Vice President of the Chesterfield County Council of PTAs, and was appointed by Governor Gilmore to the Advisory Council on the Virginia Business-Education Partnership just to name a few items on the impressive list of community involvements for Mrs. Jaeckle. In the most recent debate for Bermuda District candidates, held by the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, Dorothy proposed redoing the comprehensive plan to identify what infrastructure needs are needed prior to building rather than afterwards., using the CDA funding to build those roads and infrastructure prior to building and to cut taxes as rise while controlling spending. The control spending mechanism seems like a “no-brainer” but as we are seeing at the Federal level doesn’t always go hand in hand with tax cuts. Dorothy Jaeckle shows that with hard unselfish work for the community that those you have served will request you step up to even more responsibility and perform as you have in the past. With Dorothy Jaeckle, there is little doubt that she can perform on the Board of Supervisors exceptionally and bring a civic responsibility to her constituents that should always be in place at the local government level. A vote for Dorothy Jaeckle is a improve the community she has been so involved in and obviously cares deeply for.

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