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Friday, November 2, 2007

Dianne Pettit running for Re-Election to School Board in Clover Hill District

Dianne Pettit is a bundle of energy that is all focused on the schools and the school children in Chesterfield County. After first being appointed to the School board in 1993, Dianne was elected Chairwomen in 1995 and hasn’t looked back sense. As we search to find solution to the problems facing our schools by the influx of new residents and continued growth, we should look to a leader that has the experience to help our schools grow to fit the current and future needs of our kids. We need to use all our resources to solve the problems of this county and as it relates to education we need to involve parents, business leaders, the Board of Supervisors as well as the School board to solve them. Several of Dianne’s initiatives strive to do that: the commissioned Innovation Teams, the parent link on the school board website and working to increase business involvement. These efforts and all of the hard work that Dianne has done over her years of serve will help Chesterfield meet the challenges of an ever expending populous. Just taking with Dianne for five minutes or hearing her in a forum talk for twenty you cannot help but feel her passion for education and the importance of educating our youth. To deny a person with the leadership and passion of Dianne passion and not vote for her seems to be putting Chesterfield County and the Clover Hill district at disadvantage it can ill afford at this time.


Alter of Freedom said...

I feel the School Board position is one of the most valued in any locality and yet gets very little attention, unless of course your in the City and your Mayor tries to throw your offices before the newsmedia gets into make-up.
I find it interesting that over in Matoaca, Ms. Durfee seems to be taking alot of heat on my blog and others for her activist nature in holding folks accountable. She is not running in my district for Supervisor, but I have someone like her in Patty carpenter who has spent years doing the same working from the trenches to do our business. I admire that.
I a little more activism on all our parts would certainly not hurt anyone.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

I agree all around about be active in your community can only help...and Patty Carpenter is a great candidate....this is twice we have agreed in the same day, there's still hope for us all!!