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Friday, November 9, 2007

Compromise OR SellOut

Senator Warner is stirring the pot by criticizing the Virginia GOP and blaming their intolerant and rigid stance as the reason for the Democratic pickup in the Senate ( There is a difference in standing up for the values that you deem sacred, compromise and rigidness and this is the balance that the conservative needs to constantly remind themselves of. The Virginia GOP has used an approach of inclusiveness for both moderates and conservatives but the conservative values of lower taxes; free enterprise, strong state government and fiscal responsibility will always be at the forefront of our platform. Compromise isn’t a bad thing but making deals by always being the one moving to the left is not good either. Building a bridge to all perspectives in the name of progress can only help but a bridge implies a two way action otherwise its just an escalator going one to place few Virginians want to be; highly taxed, regulation burdened fiscally irresponsible recipients of a more liberal agenda.

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