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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Change in the Conservative Paradigm

originally posted 11/12/2007...I think we should always keep this in mind..

As the recent elections here in Virginia has show, there is no safe place for the conservatives if they are not steadfast in following the conservative ideal in their daily actions and that there is a shift in the paradigm of conservative politics. Although some of the change in our state Senate can be attributed cyclical politics and influx of liberals in Northern Virginia, it a symptom of a greater problem that the Virginia GOP and the GOP nationally is facing; which is not only talking the talk of the conservative but walking the walk once they are in power. The Virginia GOP and the GOP as a hole should always use an approach of inclusiveness for both moderates and conservatives but the conservative values of lower taxes; free enterprise, strong state government and fiscal responsibility should always be at the forefront of our platform. There is a difference in standing up for the values that you deem sacred, compromise and rigidness and this is the balance that the conservative needs to constantly remind themselves of when making decisions contrary to their instinctive feeling. Senator Warner is stirring the pot here in Virginia as other moderates stir it up nationally by criticizing the GOP for their perceived intolerant and rigid stance as the reason for the Democratic pickup in the State Senate as others have criticized the GOP nationally. Compromise isn’t a bad thing but making deals with the devil just too past, at best, lukewarm legislation by always being the one moving to the left is lacking in integrity to the Republican motto and conservative principles. With a Presidential election fast approaching and all the candidates trying to take the “Reagan” mantel it will be interesting to see which Republican candidate morphs into a total package Conservative candidate and then see what that candidate does in office if they are elected are next Presidents. The American public today lives a conservative lifestyle whether they vote republican or democrat and the candidate tapping into this ideal will do far better than the liberal media would have us believe. The “common-sense” approach inherent in the principles of lower-taxes, managed spending, strong defense, securing the borders, strong local government are the most efficient ways to achieve what every American wants, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The majority of American do not think that it is the job of the federal government is to take care of each citizen from cradle to grave…we are self reliant and expect others to be so as well. With that being said, most understand that we should help those less fortunate and are not against programs that accomplish this through acts of kindness, efficiently run government programs, and donations to those non-profit groups that do so much to help those around us. “Absolutes” in today’s society and strict ideological rhetoric don’t always work and we should work to ensure that the solution that is implemented is fair, cost efficient and not duplicated else where. The American people understand that every program the government enacts is funded by our tax dollars and that the government should be more careful stewards of our money (and not boast that America can’t afford them as President) than they have been in the past since they are representing us with every vote they cast.

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