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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Repost saw some similarities - Change has come to Chesterfield County, Virginia

This is a reposted article from 11/07/2007 about the election in my county of Virginia (Chesterfield) and how it seemed similar to the Mass. election yesterday (more in the way the winners won) and how it should be a blueprint for any Republican, Democrat or third party candidate that wants to win in the coming years....Jody

One thing that Tuesday’s election taught us is that the voters will be heard one way or another. With only one supervisor (Art Warren) remaining on the board, the incoming four should take heed that a new time in Chesterfield is dawning and it is the voters that are taking the lead. The is a great recap on how we got here on Alter of Freedom so I won’t go into it here but we conservatives (and Republicans to a lesser degree) need to take this as a warning that the community of Chesterfield county is 1.) Changing in outlook and demographic 2.) Wants results on important issues even if they have to vote for independents or for the opposing party 3.) The old guard, keeping a few in power paradigm, will need to change, 4.) Need to use new ways to get the conservative message out to voters and then stick with those principles once in office and 5.) Transparency to the voters needs to be on the top of every local politicians list daily. Dorothy A. Jaeckle’s brilliantly run campaign shows that this was not a mandate against Republicans or a local reaction to national trends but the gut reaction to overcrowded roads, unmanaged growth and the perceived notion of not updated the county comprehensive plan to accommodate the growth not adapt it after the fact to provide band-aid solutions. Dorothy’s “common sense” campaign of fiscal responsibility approach of building infrastructure at the initial portion of development projects and not after development, Community Development Authorities (CDAs) for funding, Initiating a rollback in the tax rate and working with developers to see the bigger picture are true conservative standards and resonated with voters strongly.
We should not take the change in the Board as a change in the political values on Chesterfield County but as a mandate that the ways to achieve those ideals is changing in this county. We need to look to all resources available here and not just a few who have been involved in the political scene for countless years. If the conservative movement and the Republican Party is the thinking person’s party, which I would argue it is, we need to expand our discourse to find the ideas that both push our community forward and still are vetted against the structure of the conservative ideal. The challenge has been laid down at our feet, through this past election, and it is how we complete the task that will truly show Chesterfield what conservatives are made of.

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