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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bill Clinton is Like my Crazy Uncle

From back home in Iowa, here is a link to story about former President Bill Clinton and who the real focus of his speech was . Bill Clinton used the word "I" 94 times (in 10 minutes), he use the name of the Clinton actually running for office far less (7). What is the deal with these two Clinton’s? I never understood it, but people sure love to hear Bill talk about how great his presidency was; nevertheless will he really invigorate voters to vote for his wife. He’s like the uncle at holiday dinner that goes on about how cool his ’57 Chevy was when he was a teenager, sure the way he tells the story sounds like it was cool but the reality of it was that he didn’t own a 57’ Chevy (it was actually an Edsel that overheated all the time) and he spent most of his time trying to clear up his acne and not with the cool kids….

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