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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Audit Now, Audit Often

What is the first thing the new Chesterfield Board of Supervisors should do? Even though the rhetoric of this past election seemed to be primarily focused on the growth and congestion issues facing our county; the real issue is the current state of the counties finances and what should we do to ensure that we are in good shape heading into the next four years of the Board’s reign. I think the first thing that should take place is not the approval (or disapproval) of the impact fees or zoning cases but the Board should commission an external independent audit of the counties finances and make the findings public so all citizens know where we are currently at. Once the Audit is conducted, findings published and recommendations made, then the Board can create an action plan in regards to growth, schools, and infrastructure needs as they shore up the budget. New residential building is slowing all over the US and even here in Chesterfield and the new Board needs to make sure that we are ready for a drop in revenue so we do not begin to raise taxes as the first solution to fill the coffers to meet the counties needs. The Board should also make a mandate that an external independent audit of Chesterfield’s books be done on a biennial basis going forward. As I stated in earlier posts, this Board is going to have a lot of focus on it so it needs to act swiftly, decisively and make an immediate impact or we will be talking about another new board coming in four years from now.

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