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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

…And we still don’t teach abstinence

The Centers for Disease Control has reported a sharp increase in STDs and the reported cases of Chlamydia (more than 1 million) set a record for reported cases in women ages 15 to 25. CDC claims it is better screening for Chlamydia but there has also been a sharp increase in Gonorrhea and congenital syphilis. These new strands of STDs are more nasty and are resistant to the current course of treatment. These new STD strands can also, in the case of congenital syphilis, cause birth defects and even death in newborns. For more on this please go to the CBC website or the article about the rate increase at .
So we are teaching sex ed earlier and earlier, not teaching them that abstinence is the only way to truly not get pregnant or an STD, the STDs people are getting are of a “superbug” variety that are resistant to antibiotics. What about these scenarios just doesn’t make sense? If we’re going to teach grade school age kids about sex isn’t that fact that you could now die (or have a child with birth defects) from STDs other than AIDS illustrate that something is definitely wrong with how we American view sex and the responsibility of engaging in risk behavior. Why is the common sense approach that we teach responsibility in actions (like sex) and not just how the “how to’s” practiced here with regularity. If we need to have sex ed in school (and I’m not arguing here that we don’t) we need to also teach common sense responsibility in the act and show are kids that there are consequences to their actions to both themselves and those they love.

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