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Monday, October 29, 2007

U. Omarh Rajah for School Board

One of the best candidates running in any of the races in this fall has to be U. Omarh Rajah, who is vying for the Matoaca seat on the Chesterfield School Board. Omarh is a candidate who embodies what this blog is about, the Contemporary Conservative (see Contemporary Conservative post.)
The reason why this blog likes Omarh so strongly for school board is his pledge to bring fiscal responsibility to the management of the school board and its budget. There is nothing more dangerous than giving money to something without understanding how those monies are being spent. Omarh will lead the effort to run the schools like a sound business, be accountable to the stockholders (citizens of Chesterfield) and build a quality product (our children) that will be an asset to the marketplace. No one believe that necessary money and resources should not be provided to the schools but we should all make sure that the money, we tax payers provide our educators, is well spent on teaching our children the core proficiencies they need to compete in today’s world and not ideas that are at best theories and opinions, at worse indoctrination of an ideology.
As a Contemporary Conservative one of our driving forces is taking the lead in making sure that we are using all our “idea” resources to resolve issues and not just the resource that are easy and close at hand. On that note, Omarh has pledged to lead the effort to have cross political entity meetings (School Board, Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission) periodically so that all of Chesterfield’s leaders are consistently working together for the betterment of our community. This idea is long overdue and can only help in the overall vision of Chesterfield and obviously alleviate some of the strife between these bodies as we continue to grow in population. Looking at Richmond, as one example, we can see the problems that are inherent in each government body thinking of itself as an island and we want to make sure those scenarios are avoided here in Chesterfield.
Omarh has gained many high profile endorsements from former Senator George Allen and AG Bob McDonnell to most of Chesterfield’s government and business leaders. Omarh has past experience as a teacher in the classroom and has common sense conservative approaches to fixing the issues facing the schools of Chesterfield County. Omarh will lead the effort to restore values and discipline to the classroom which will benefit both the teachers and those they teach. I believe that U. Omarh Rajah is the best candidate for the Matoaca district seat on the Chesterfield County school board and encourage all to talk with him and then vote for him on November 6th.


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Anonymous said...

I also am concerned about how the taxpayers' money is spent. That's why I want to know why I should keep paying Mr. Rajah. In the 3 plus years that he has been on the school board, he has alienated every other school board member, and been removed from the three committees he was assigned to serve (as liaison between them and the board.) He was removed for failure to attend meetings of those committees, and at their request. At one of the few meetings he did attend, he affronted the women there by saying if he'd known there were so many attractive ones there he would have come to more... and brought martinis! He shows up late to school board meetings. In my opinion, the only thing he puts time and effort into is his own campaign fundraising. If he is too busy to attend to the business we pay him for, I'd rather elect someone who isn't too busy.