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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Senator Steve Martin

The famous saying “all politics is local” is true but actual local politics and its elected offices are truly an unique and complex affair, inside each community, with all its intricacies and dramas. Over the next week, I will be reviewing the current Republican candidates, in all the contested races in Chesterfield, and giving my insight on how they would serve our county…first up 11th district State Senator Steve Martin.

I’ve have had the honor of volunteering with the State Senator Steve Martin campaign over the last year, as my schedule has allowed, and have been greatly impressed with the candidate himself as well as how the campaign is being run by his campaign manager, Nathan Pick. In my observation Senator Martin, at his core, is a man of principles who looks at his duty as a state senator as an important community service to the citizens of the 11th district. In a day and age when politicians say what they say and do something else, Senator Martin has gained a reputation of doing what he says he is going to do for the people of Chesterfield and Colonial Heights. I have talked with the Senator several times over the last couple of months and have found him to be a person who truly enjoys working for the people of the 11th district which, as odd as it sounds, is a rarity these days. Senator Martin has worked hard on the issues that are important to Chesterfield & Colonial Heights like immigration reforms, responsible tax and spending policies or protecting his constituents from that fallout of the Kelo Vs.City of New London ruling on eminent domain. The credentials he has gained as a member of the Senate since 1994 are unquestionable and he deserves your vote on his service alone but these accomplishments pail in comparison to the fact that he is a straight talker and effective advocate for his constituents.
I have worked/volunteered on several campaigns, since way back in high school, and have never met a state politician that is as in tune with the local happenings of their community as Senator Martin is with the 11th district. I really believe that this race is a “no-brainer” and that the 11th district would be best served by re-electing Senator Martin so he can continue to do what he does best and represent the 11th district in the State Senate

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