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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The political Landscape of Chesterfield County Virginia

This coming November 6th is a very important election for Chesterfield County Virginia as most of the current Republican candidates will have strong opposition in each of their races. Chesterfield, as a county, is strongly Republican but some Democrats and several independents (they seem to really be Republicans of varying degrees) are making inroads against the Incumbents. The Republican Committee’s endorsed candidates ,who are very strong advocates for the people of this county, are running very effective campaigns thus far. From School Board and the Board of Supervisors to the State Senate and House of Delegates races most seem to be contested and shows the current changes that this community seems to be going through so please vote. Below is a breakdown of the key contested races in Chesterfield and the candidates endorsed by this blog:

Chesterfield Board Of Supervisors

Bermuda District
Dorothy A. Jaeckle
Clover Hill District
A. S. "Art" Warren
Dale District
Kelly E. Miller
Matoaca District
Mark D. Tubbs
Midlothian District
Donald D. Sowder

Chesterfield School Board

Bermuda District
Marshall W. Trammell
Clover Hill District
Dianne E. Pettitt
Dale District
David Wyman
Matoaca District
Omarh Rajah
Midlothian District
Eric J. Finkbeiner

Senate of Virginia
10th District

John C. Watkins
11th District
Stephen H. Martin

Virginia House of Delegates
27th District
Samuel A. "Sam" Nixon, Jr
65th District
R. Lee Ware, Jr.

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