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Friday, October 26, 2007

…Next up Mark Tubbs

Mark Tubbs is running for the Board of Supervisors spot that is being vacated by current Supervisor Remy Humphrey. Since there is no incumbent in this race, it seems to be up for grabs. After a close Republican primary victory over Kevin Salminen, Mark has run an effective campaign thus far, gaining tremendous support, to represent the citizens of Matoaca on the Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County. Mark was a late entry into the Republican primary race and I knew very little about him or what he brought to the table at that time. To be truthful, I had already volunteered with his opponent by the time he joined the race, but through hearing him speak on couple occasions, talking with people that endorse him and reading his background, he looks to be a solid conservative and I know he is a good man to boot.
Mark advocates managed growth, establishing a clear and consistent planning objective for the county, cutting government spending, and addressing infrastructure needs. Mark Tubbs has a lot of experience to pull from in his service as the Assistant Vice President of Government Affairs for the Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives, Director for Policy Analysis and Development at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and as the Executive Director for the Virginia Road & Transportation Builders Association.
The one thing that has stood out to me about Mark Tubbs is the statement I overheard him say to friend before the polls opened at Phillips Volunteer Fire Station for the Republican primary, that statement was, “I am no ones puppet, and I am my own man” in an emphatic voice. I’m not usually one for ease-dropping but I was bored and that was enough for me to know that what Mark Tubbs states he believes in is solely his and not influenced by any outside groups. Having a responsible, effective, conservative leader who is his own man is exactly what Matoaca and Chesterfield needs. Mark has garnered a slew of endorsements from local and state leaders and I share there belief that mark Tubbs would be the best choice this November 6th at the polls.

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