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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Leadership Takes Time

The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce held a debate last night for the Candidates vying for the 11th district State Senate race. Republican Senator Steve Martin, Independent Roger H. Habeck and Independent Thomas H. "T Hank" Cook squared-off at John Tyler Community College on a variety of issues that were submitted by Chamber members.

Observation 1: One thing that stood out to me is that here in Virginia a number of people run for office just to bring attention to a single issue, as T Hank Cook is doing for people with brain injuries, and not to win the election. Although these issues are always ones that should be discussed more prominently and should be welcome in any debated forum about how to best serve Chesterfield/Colonial Heights I’ve always thought that “one idea” candidates would be best served to solicit more viable candidates to speak on their behalf; as opposed to running campaigns that tend not to get the message out as broadly as they should be due to money and influence constraints.

The debate was a lively one between the frontrunners, two veteran community leaders, going after voters with their accomplishments and the negatives of the other. One of the volatile subjects last night was community involvement, tenure of service and leadership in the community with both frontrunners stating their case.

Observation 2: The double edged sword that an incumbent has in any debate is that they have a record of past actions. Both the incumbent and their opponents can use the record to state the case (for or against) on any number of questions being asked by the moderator. The issue that challengers have in a debate is that they have no record and have not been tested in the battles of the General Assembly. The challenger’s opinions can seem na├»ve at times, in the sense of how easy it is to get legislature that benefit Chesterfield through and approved, and that they can change the process by just being elected.

Observation 3: Senator Martin showed all that attended the debate that his years of service and leadership has benefited Chesterfield/Colonial Heights and that change for changes sake make no sense when you already have a sound leader. Senator Martin is in line to become the chairman of the Senate Local Government Committee, which will benefit Chesterfield, along with the other chairmanships he currently has like the Chairman of the Health Professions sub-committee and the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections. Senator Martin is a tireless campaigner and works hard to address his constituents concerns in the 11th Senatorial district.

The debate last night showed Senator Martin to be the strongest candidate in the debate, the strongest candidate in the race and that he should be re-elected. In what has to be one of the best debates of the election season Senator Martin was in top form and won on all points in how to best serve the 11th District.

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T.Hank Cook said...

Yes my platform was for "Brain Injury Victims", I was out to "WIN "the Election.For lower Taxes and Rights of the Working People and the Disabled.Seems like most people in Va & USA has looked the other way when it comes to Matters of the Mind.But willing to help others abroad with same problems.Reach out & Help someone today it will not only change tem but you also. T.Hank Cook