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Monday, October 29, 2007

Here's a cookie, please vote for me

Democrat Presidential candidates continue to try and buy votes with our tax money by promising everything for everybody. If it is not universal health care and savings bonds for our children, now its John Edwards promising College for everyone ( in the US. Seriously, am I going to have anything left of my paycheck to buy stuff that’s not funded by the government. Government programs cost money, the US government does not “make” anything so their only source of revenue is our tax dollars and they always have their hand out. Why not motivate private enterprise, non-profit organizations to increase fund raising efforts to help with Healthcare, College tuition and savings. Then they can cut our taxes to stimulates us to give more, since we’ll have more cash, rather than just take more of our hard earned money to fund these things and tell us it is for our own good. I will be writing about personal stewardship and the tax burden later but I cannot for life of me understand why people don’t see through this tactic. I have never met anyone who thinks they pay to little taxes but so many people don’t see the bad implications of paying too much in taxes to the federal government. When people ran for class president in school they tried to buy your votes with brownies and cookies, they had to pay for them and it didn’t cost you anything but a vote. I think Congress needs to adopt that philosophy and not ask for vote and pay for it as well.

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