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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another strong Contemporary Conservative...

Continuing with our series of conservative voices running for office this November 6th , we have Manoli Loupassi, former President of the Richmond City Council. Manoli Loupassi is running for the House of Delegates in the 68th District against independent candidate Katherine Waddell. Manoli has had an impressive rise in the local political scene being capped thus far by being voted as the President of the Richmond city council. Prior to Manoli’s political exploits he served as Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Richmond, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the County of Hanover and as defense attorney in private practice at his own law firm, The Law Office of G. Manoli Loupassi, LLC. Manoli has also served as President of Downtown Richmond Renaissance and as the Chairman for the Greater Richmond Partnership. Loupassi’s impressive win in the Republican primary against Chesterfield’s own Will Shewmake (part of the 68th is in Chesterfield and part is in Richmond) laid to rest any notion that Chesterfielders in the 68th won’t vote for a Richmonder at the expense of Chesterfield’s needs. Attending the various Chesterfield Republican Committee events, I have to hand it to Manoli that he has been a constant presence and has made it clear that he will work for the whole 68th district and not just the Richmond part. Manoli’s hard driving, straight talk manner is what the 68th district needs to make sure that the citizen’s voice in that district is heard loud and clear by the General Assembly.
Manoli is another great example of a Contemporary Conservative (see what is a Contemporary Conservative post) pledging to lead the effort to halt wasteful spending in a state budget, that is out of control and by capping taxable property assessment increases at 5% per year. Manoli’s opponent, Katherine Waddell, is not a conservative voice in General Assembly and although an independent leaned to the left on most issues when voting. Chesterfield needs to put Loupassi in the House of Delegate’s and bring common sense Contemporary conservative values back the 68th district.


Evan said...

How can you say that the 68th district is conservative? What are you basing this on? The fact that a majority of the district voted for Kaine, almost voted to elected Mark Warner or that a majority of the district voted against the marriage amendment? If this really was a conservative district, wouldn't you think that the above election results would have been a landslide against Kaine/Warner/Marriage Amendment. By the way, Manoli also voted to increase taxes for the City of Richmond...pretty conservative.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

I never stated that the 68th IS conservative that's why I encourage people to vote for Manoli to and I oute myself "Chesterfield needs to put Loupassi in the House of Delegate’s and bring common sense Contemporary conservative values back the 68th district." might want to read it again thanks