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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What I'm not on the list! part duex

The Telegraph continues it list of the 100 most influencial conservative 41 through 60;jsessionid=IEKRS2Q2BNTAVQFIQMFCFF4AVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/exclusions/uselection/nosplit/uscons41-60.xml

Didn't make that coveted number 47 (see previous "What I'm not on the list!") maybe next year.

Leadership Takes Time

The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce held a debate last night for the Candidates vying for the 11th district State Senate race. Republican Senator Steve Martin, Independent Roger H. Habeck and Independent Thomas H. "T Hank" Cook squared-off at John Tyler Community College on a variety of issues that were submitted by Chamber members.

Observation 1: One thing that stood out to me is that here in Virginia a number of people run for office just to bring attention to a single issue, as T Hank Cook is doing for people with brain injuries, and not to win the election. Although these issues are always ones that should be discussed more prominently and should be welcome in any debated forum about how to best serve Chesterfield/Colonial Heights I’ve always thought that “one idea” candidates would be best served to solicit more viable candidates to speak on their behalf; as opposed to running campaigns that tend not to get the message out as broadly as they should be due to money and influence constraints.

The debate was a lively one between the frontrunners, two veteran community leaders, going after voters with their accomplishments and the negatives of the other. One of the volatile subjects last night was community involvement, tenure of service and leadership in the community with both frontrunners stating their case.

Observation 2: The double edged sword that an incumbent has in any debate is that they have a record of past actions. Both the incumbent and their opponents can use the record to state the case (for or against) on any number of questions being asked by the moderator. The issue that challengers have in a debate is that they have no record and have not been tested in the battles of the General Assembly. The challenger’s opinions can seem na├»ve at times, in the sense of how easy it is to get legislature that benefit Chesterfield through and approved, and that they can change the process by just being elected.

Observation 3: Senator Martin showed all that attended the debate that his years of service and leadership has benefited Chesterfield/Colonial Heights and that change for changes sake make no sense when you already have a sound leader. Senator Martin is in line to become the chairman of the Senate Local Government Committee, which will benefit Chesterfield, along with the other chairmanships he currently has like the Chairman of the Health Professions sub-committee and the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections. Senator Martin is a tireless campaigner and works hard to address his constituents concerns in the 11th Senatorial district.

The debate last night showed Senator Martin to be the strongest candidate in the debate, the strongest candidate in the race and that he should be re-elected. In what has to be one of the best debates of the election season Senator Martin was in top form and won on all points in how to best serve the 11th District.

Happy Halloween

Hillary was voted scariest mask, she also should be voted scariest potential President....oh, I just got goosebumps and a cold shiver down my spine..creepy

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What I'm not on the list!

The telegraph is publishing a list of the top 100 conservative voices this week and today shows us 61-100. Although some of their choices are suspect (Republicans are not necessarily conservatives) like Larry Craig, their service makes them better than the wacky liberal power base in Congress. I am not on the list thus far but I have 60 slots remaining so I’m shooting for 47 since it has a good ring to it and I’m a modest guy.

Another strong Contemporary Conservative...

Continuing with our series of conservative voices running for office this November 6th , we have Manoli Loupassi, former President of the Richmond City Council. Manoli Loupassi is running for the House of Delegates in the 68th District against independent candidate Katherine Waddell. Manoli has had an impressive rise in the local political scene being capped thus far by being voted as the President of the Richmond city council. Prior to Manoli’s political exploits he served as Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Richmond, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the County of Hanover and as defense attorney in private practice at his own law firm, The Law Office of G. Manoli Loupassi, LLC. Manoli has also served as President of Downtown Richmond Renaissance and as the Chairman for the Greater Richmond Partnership. Loupassi’s impressive win in the Republican primary against Chesterfield’s own Will Shewmake (part of the 68th is in Chesterfield and part is in Richmond) laid to rest any notion that Chesterfielders in the 68th won’t vote for a Richmonder at the expense of Chesterfield’s needs. Attending the various Chesterfield Republican Committee events, I have to hand it to Manoli that he has been a constant presence and has made it clear that he will work for the whole 68th district and not just the Richmond part. Manoli’s hard driving, straight talk manner is what the 68th district needs to make sure that the citizen’s voice in that district is heard loud and clear by the General Assembly.
Manoli is another great example of a Contemporary Conservative (see what is a Contemporary Conservative post) pledging to lead the effort to halt wasteful spending in a state budget, that is out of control and by capping taxable property assessment increases at 5% per year. Manoli’s opponent, Katherine Waddell, is not a conservative voice in General Assembly and although an independent leaned to the left on most issues when voting. Chesterfield needs to put Loupassi in the House of Delegate’s and bring common sense Contemporary conservative values back the 68th district.

Monday, October 29, 2007

11th District Senate Race Debate Oct. 30th

The Chamber and Chesterfield Business Council will hold a joint debate for the 11th District Senate Race on Tuesday, October 30 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at John Tyler Community College, 13101 Jefferson Davis Highway, Chester, VA 23831. Registration for the event is recommended and there is no cost to attend

Smart Growth Solutions from Don Sowder

Message from the Sowder campaign on Smart Growth Solutions

Message from Midlothian Supervisor Don Sowder--PLEASE FORWARD--‏

As our Supervisor, Don Sowder is working with our local, state, and federal officials to find smart, sensible solutions to manage growth in Midlothian.

Smart-Growth Solutions.

Don Sowder will continue to focus on moving Chesterfield County closer to the desirable residential growth to commercial growth - 70/30 ratio - that helps take the tax burden off of homeowners. Currently, about 20% of property taxes come from businesses and retail development. In just 11 months, Midlothian Supervisor Don Sowder has championed the Cloverleaf Mall revitalization and has begun bringing in corporate headquarters and high-end businesses to the Watkins Center and Meadowville Technology Park, moving Chesterfield closer to 30%.

Don Sowder knows that there’s still more work to be done...

Don’s opponent says we are moving in the wrong direction on growth management, adding that the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission are not functioning together.

Don’s opponent currently is the Chairman of the Planning Commission and during his period of leadership, the Planning Commission has approved 29,889 homes and denied only 2,208 from July 2001-September 2007.1 Last year Don’s opponent opposed reducing property taxes because it doesn't make good economic sense.2 1. (Planning Commission minutes) 2. (Chesterfield Observer, October 25, 2006)

Here's a cookie, please vote for me

Democrat Presidential candidates continue to try and buy votes with our tax money by promising everything for everybody. If it is not universal health care and savings bonds for our children, now its John Edwards promising College for everyone ( in the US. Seriously, am I going to have anything left of my paycheck to buy stuff that’s not funded by the government. Government programs cost money, the US government does not “make” anything so their only source of revenue is our tax dollars and they always have their hand out. Why not motivate private enterprise, non-profit organizations to increase fund raising efforts to help with Healthcare, College tuition and savings. Then they can cut our taxes to stimulates us to give more, since we’ll have more cash, rather than just take more of our hard earned money to fund these things and tell us it is for our own good. I will be writing about personal stewardship and the tax burden later but I cannot for life of me understand why people don’t see through this tactic. I have never met anyone who thinks they pay to little taxes but so many people don’t see the bad implications of paying too much in taxes to the federal government. When people ran for class president in school they tried to buy your votes with brownies and cookies, they had to pay for them and it didn’t cost you anything but a vote. I think Congress needs to adopt that philosophy and not ask for vote and pay for it as well.

I work 40+ hours a week, how about you?

There is an interesting article in the New York Times about Congress leaders proposing shorter work weeks so after they vowed to keep representatives in Washington longer once they took over power. If lawmakers aren’t making laws, why are the tax payers paying them? I propose that Congress only be paid for the time that they are in session and not when they are campaigning or spending time away from DC not doing the job we elected them to do.

U. Omarh Rajah for School Board

One of the best candidates running in any of the races in this fall has to be U. Omarh Rajah, who is vying for the Matoaca seat on the Chesterfield School Board. Omarh is a candidate who embodies what this blog is about, the Contemporary Conservative (see Contemporary Conservative post.)
The reason why this blog likes Omarh so strongly for school board is his pledge to bring fiscal responsibility to the management of the school board and its budget. There is nothing more dangerous than giving money to something without understanding how those monies are being spent. Omarh will lead the effort to run the schools like a sound business, be accountable to the stockholders (citizens of Chesterfield) and build a quality product (our children) that will be an asset to the marketplace. No one believe that necessary money and resources should not be provided to the schools but we should all make sure that the money, we tax payers provide our educators, is well spent on teaching our children the core proficiencies they need to compete in today’s world and not ideas that are at best theories and opinions, at worse indoctrination of an ideology.
As a Contemporary Conservative one of our driving forces is taking the lead in making sure that we are using all our “idea” resources to resolve issues and not just the resource that are easy and close at hand. On that note, Omarh has pledged to lead the effort to have cross political entity meetings (School Board, Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission) periodically so that all of Chesterfield’s leaders are consistently working together for the betterment of our community. This idea is long overdue and can only help in the overall vision of Chesterfield and obviously alleviate some of the strife between these bodies as we continue to grow in population. Looking at Richmond, as one example, we can see the problems that are inherent in each government body thinking of itself as an island and we want to make sure those scenarios are avoided here in Chesterfield.
Omarh has gained many high profile endorsements from former Senator George Allen and AG Bob McDonnell to most of Chesterfield’s government and business leaders. Omarh has past experience as a teacher in the classroom and has common sense conservative approaches to fixing the issues facing the schools of Chesterfield County. Omarh will lead the effort to restore values and discipline to the classroom which will benefit both the teachers and those they teach. I believe that U. Omarh Rajah is the best candidate for the Matoaca district seat on the Chesterfield County school board and encourage all to talk with him and then vote for him on November 6th.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sowder e-mail clarifies record following Gecker attacks

I received an e-mail from the Don Sowder campaign regarding comments made by his opponent, Dan Gecker. The below e-mail clarifies Don’s position on several key issues facing Chesterfield. I have the utmost respect for what Don Sowder has accomplished in the short time he has been on the Board of Supervisors and believe he is a strong advocate for Chesterfield County and its citizens. The e-mail reads:

Message from Supervisor Don Sowder--PLEASE FORWARD--‏
From: Sara Capelli (
Sent: Thu 10/25/07 5:24 PM
To: Sara Capelli (

You may have already received mailings from Dan Gecker attacking Midlothian Supervisor Don Sowder on his record. What you need to know is those attacks are false.
Dan Gecker claims Don Sowder puts developers first and homeowners second. (Gecker for Supervisor mailing)
But the Truth is...Dan Gecker is a multi-million dollar developer. He is in the process of developing over 150 pieces of property in the Richmond area. (Venture Richmond, Winter Issue, 2007)

Dan Gecker claims that Don Sowder voted for higher taxes and a higher tax rate. (Gecker for Supervisor mailing)
But the Truth is...Don Sowder proposed the property tax rate cut that passed the Board of Supervisors. A reduction of 7 cents per $100 of assessed value on homes - this tax rate took $21 million off the backs of taxpayers. (Board of Super visors Minutes, 4/11/07)
Dan Gecker claims that Don Sowder voted to cut education funding. (Gecker for Supervisor mailing) But the Truth is...Don Sowder voted to increase education funding by $42.1 million over last year’s budget. Including funding to hire 450 new teachers. (Chesterfield County Budget)

Re-elect Midlothian Supervisor Don Sowder, Tuesday, November 6th.

Tubbs wins Candidate Forum

The Chesterfield Observer has coverage of the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum at Cosby High School in its current edition. In observing the Forum at Cosby High School this past week, I felt that each candidate had their moments but Mark Tubbs (see article) won the debate. Mark’s forum performance really placed him as the most qualified candidate, in the Matoaca race, to take over the vacated seat with the Board of Supervisors and make an immediate impact on the policy of Chesterfield county. Some of the other candidates seemed very ill prepared to answer any questions outside there niche expertise and failed to give the audience comprehensive answers and viable solutions to the issues facing our county. Mr. Tubbs was consistent and on point the whole night.

Friday, October 26, 2007

…Next up Mark Tubbs

Mark Tubbs is running for the Board of Supervisors spot that is being vacated by current Supervisor Remy Humphrey. Since there is no incumbent in this race, it seems to be up for grabs. After a close Republican primary victory over Kevin Salminen, Mark has run an effective campaign thus far, gaining tremendous support, to represent the citizens of Matoaca on the Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County. Mark was a late entry into the Republican primary race and I knew very little about him or what he brought to the table at that time. To be truthful, I had already volunteered with his opponent by the time he joined the race, but through hearing him speak on couple occasions, talking with people that endorse him and reading his background, he looks to be a solid conservative and I know he is a good man to boot.
Mark advocates managed growth, establishing a clear and consistent planning objective for the county, cutting government spending, and addressing infrastructure needs. Mark Tubbs has a lot of experience to pull from in his service as the Assistant Vice President of Government Affairs for the Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives, Director for Policy Analysis and Development at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and as the Executive Director for the Virginia Road & Transportation Builders Association.
The one thing that has stood out to me about Mark Tubbs is the statement I overheard him say to friend before the polls opened at Phillips Volunteer Fire Station for the Republican primary, that statement was, “I am no ones puppet, and I am my own man” in an emphatic voice. I’m not usually one for ease-dropping but I was bored and that was enough for me to know that what Mark Tubbs states he believes in is solely his and not influenced by any outside groups. Having a responsible, effective, conservative leader who is his own man is exactly what Matoaca and Chesterfield needs. Mark has garnered a slew of endorsements from local and state leaders and I share there belief that mark Tubbs would be the best choice this November 6th at the polls.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Senator Steve Martin

The famous saying “all politics is local” is true but actual local politics and its elected offices are truly an unique and complex affair, inside each community, with all its intricacies and dramas. Over the next week, I will be reviewing the current Republican candidates, in all the contested races in Chesterfield, and giving my insight on how they would serve our county…first up 11th district State Senator Steve Martin.

I’ve have had the honor of volunteering with the State Senator Steve Martin campaign over the last year, as my schedule has allowed, and have been greatly impressed with the candidate himself as well as how the campaign is being run by his campaign manager, Nathan Pick. In my observation Senator Martin, at his core, is a man of principles who looks at his duty as a state senator as an important community service to the citizens of the 11th district. In a day and age when politicians say what they say and do something else, Senator Martin has gained a reputation of doing what he says he is going to do for the people of Chesterfield and Colonial Heights. I have talked with the Senator several times over the last couple of months and have found him to be a person who truly enjoys working for the people of the 11th district which, as odd as it sounds, is a rarity these days. Senator Martin has worked hard on the issues that are important to Chesterfield & Colonial Heights like immigration reforms, responsible tax and spending policies or protecting his constituents from that fallout of the Kelo Vs.City of New London ruling on eminent domain. The credentials he has gained as a member of the Senate since 1994 are unquestionable and he deserves your vote on his service alone but these accomplishments pail in comparison to the fact that he is a straight talker and effective advocate for his constituents.
I have worked/volunteered on several campaigns, since way back in high school, and have never met a state politician that is as in tune with the local happenings of their community as Senator Martin is with the 11th district. I really believe that this race is a “no-brainer” and that the 11th district would be best served by re-electing Senator Martin so he can continue to do what he does best and represent the 11th district in the State Senate

The political Landscape of Chesterfield County Virginia

This coming November 6th is a very important election for Chesterfield County Virginia as most of the current Republican candidates will have strong opposition in each of their races. Chesterfield, as a county, is strongly Republican but some Democrats and several independents (they seem to really be Republicans of varying degrees) are making inroads against the Incumbents. The Republican Committee’s endorsed candidates ,who are very strong advocates for the people of this county, are running very effective campaigns thus far. From School Board and the Board of Supervisors to the State Senate and House of Delegates races most seem to be contested and shows the current changes that this community seems to be going through so please vote. Below is a breakdown of the key contested races in Chesterfield and the candidates endorsed by this blog:

Chesterfield Board Of Supervisors

Bermuda District
Dorothy A. Jaeckle
Clover Hill District
A. S. "Art" Warren
Dale District
Kelly E. Miller
Matoaca District
Mark D. Tubbs
Midlothian District
Donald D. Sowder

Chesterfield School Board

Bermuda District
Marshall W. Trammell
Clover Hill District
Dianne E. Pettitt
Dale District
David Wyman
Matoaca District
Omarh Rajah
Midlothian District
Eric J. Finkbeiner

Senate of Virginia
10th District

John C. Watkins
11th District
Stephen H. Martin

Virginia House of Delegates
27th District
Samuel A. "Sam" Nixon, Jr
65th District
R. Lee Ware, Jr.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The relaunch is upon us

It’s about Time! I am relaunching this blog just in time to gear up for the election season that ultimately will be capped off by the ’08 Presidential Election, the most important Presidential election in the history of this great country. I have moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Chesterfield (Richmond) Virginia and am happy to report that I have found another conservative enclave here in the home of Pocahontas. I will be posting things from the old blog like the definition of a contemporary conservative, the founding principle of this blog etc., as well as, new stuff regarding the local political races and current state of the conservative viewpoint…stay tuned